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On the evening of June 8th, at a cocktail reception at the Courtyard in Toronto, following a fantastic day of learning and connecting at the MagNet Conference, the industry gathered to see who would bring home the CMC Awards for 2016.

The Awards winners are as follows:
Audience Development 2016 – Canada’s History
Vendor of the Year 2016 – Cindy Chang
Scholarship Recipient 2016 – Fiona Wong
Magazine of the Year 2016 – Outdoor Canada
Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 – Mark Hamill

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients!  Below is a little more about each of the winners…

CH---NewFrance_June-2015-1Audience Development 2016 – Canada’s History
Canada’s History was awarded the win based upon the merits and results of a successful campaign. The overall objective of this very successful campaign was to increase the subscription base through higher response rates. The strategy and innovation used is as follows:  In 2014 the publisher tested a variety of offers and creative against the control package. As part of this, they tested an enhanced price point, a 2 for 1 offer that also saw a condensed package. The best results came from the 2 for 1 offer, two years of the magazine for the price of one. In addition, non-performing lists from the past were dropped and two new lists were tested, both producing better results. The results were great! The lift in 2015 was 38% over the net response from the year before with a subsequent drop in the cost-per-order, down 50% from 2014. They will be using this approach in the future. All subscription offers now include an online response option with reported orders up 111%. Canada’s History has always been testing new sources, creative and offers and is hoping to see another banner year in 2016.

Chang,-CindyVendor of the Year 2016 – Cindy Chang
A valued partner! Cindy Chang is a Account Manager in Client Services at CDS Global. She was awarded the Vendor of the Year award because she brings a strong sense of commitment, dedication and humour to her position, while also setting a very high standard in on-going excellence providing exceptional customer service to her clients. She always works to find her clients the best possible solution.



Scholarship Recipient 2016 – Fiona Wong
She is currently the Consumer Marketing Manager at House and Home Media where her job entails a mixture of traditional print, online and digital marketing resources and marketing materials. Fiona wishes to use her Scholarship Award in learning more about media and psychology as it relates to the consumer. For her, it’s not so much about what current practices and knowledge but more about what is up and coming and the opportunities that she can tap on her way to being an early adopter.



Outdoor-CdaMagazine of the Year 2016 – Outdoor Canada
Recognizing outstanding achievement in overall performance, consistent with ongoing promotional efforts throughout 2015, this year’s award recipient embarked upon a new direction and achieved measurable and exciting results. The goal was to expand on Outdoor Canada’s established reach at newsstand. They created six distinct SIP’s, with one new one released every two months. The look and feel of each special was now bold and distinctive which now allowed for multiple issues to be displayed at the same time. Individual covers and content were also refined and newsstand promotions were purchased specifically dependent on the theme. In addition, the cover prices were increased from $5.95 to $7.99 per copy. To further strengthen the national reach a new partnership was formed between Outdoor Canada and Keywest Marketing, a western publisher of outdoor publications, and Outdoor Group Media. This newly formed partnership gave Outdoor Canada an immediate 21% increase in circulation. They began publishing a split-run edition – Outdoor Canada West and also became the official member incentive magazine of the provincial fish and game associations in Western Canada.

mark-hamillLifetime Achievement Award 2016 – Mark Hamill
It was in 1977, the year the first Star Wars movie came out, that he began his career in Montreal, where he was hired by a tabloid called The Globe.  In his first week on the job, the story goes that he was mostly polite sitting quietly at his desk, waiting for someone to tell him what to do. It wasn’t until a week or so in, that his manager noticed him and asked him what he was good at. “I’m good at everything” was his humble response. And so he was, though Marketing was and remains his forté. Legend has it that our winner once posed in a wrap-around blanket, while in a wheelchair, on the cover of The Globe, with the headline – JFK still lives.

In 2000, Rogers had made the strategic decision to invest in the newsstand side of their business, with a goal of adding more check-out positions. Mark was hired, and over the next number of years, that’s exactly what he did.  One of his first assignments was to see what he could do about a title that had set an all-time low sale of 17,000 newsstand copies. It took a few years but by December, 2003 the same title had a single issue sale of more than 100,000 copies. More attention needed to be spent on the newsstand buyer and what in fact, makes a magazine sell. He helped change that culture. One thing that has marked his career is his enthusiasm. Anyone who’s met him know it’s 100% infectious!  Backed of course by creativity, determination and a ton of business savvy, Mark’s ended up leading the newsstand launch of 4 titles: Hello, Moneysense, Loulou and Sportsnet.   Newsstand has always been about numbers. And looking only at 2015, he’s been responsible for helping to sell over 65 million Rogers branded magazines, accounting for over $325 million in total revenue!

Alison Eastwood, editor of Hello! Canada says this: “He’s a bona fide member of the Hello team. Not only was he instrumental in making us Canada’s number-one magazine on newsstands, thanks to his tireless efforts, almost a decade later he continues in his passion for our covers. No matter where he is in the world, from the cottage to Croatia, he’s on top of what’s going on – emailing us with news and cover ideas and giving his feedback. He visits like clockwork every Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning (our cover press day) to see what we’re working on. It’s incredible to me that with so many brands at his fingertips, he always makes us feel as though Hello has his full attention. He’s done so many amazing things for us at retail including special displays for our Royal Wedding issues. And it’s not just covers. He loves content too and always has a ton of insightful suggestions. Yes, we do fight like crazy sometimes but we’re always on the same side. My favourite things about him are his wicked sense of humour, his mind–boggling stories about his days on tabloids, his street smarts and his big heart.”

Following the awards, industry colleagues and friends enjoyed a wonderful reception and some lively conversation.

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