About CMC

The CMC, Circulation Management Association of Canada, began in 1981 as a non-profit organization formed to help circulation professionals by providing training and professional development.

Before the CMC, there were no formal circulation training programs in Canada and very few circulation-specific seminars. Your only option was to go south of the border and blow your whole training budget for the year in one week! The CMC brought in top circulation gurus from Canada, and across the continent to share their expertise.

Membership grew steadily, and in 1985 the CMC began publishing The Circulator, the only Canadian publication written for circulation professionals.

In 1989, the CMC Scholarship was established to allow Canadian circulators to attend major publishing-related programs.

In 1992, the CMC was one of the “founding associations behind the MAGS University conferences. In 1997, the CMC established the CMC Awards to recognize outstanding achievement in circulation marketing. And in 2000, the CMC announced the Magazine Marketer of the Year Award.

The CMC is run by a board of elected volunteers. Its goals and objective have remained the same since its inception.

“To provide professional development, promote fellowship within the circulation profession and to raise the profile of circulation professionals by rewarding outstanding achievement.”