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What Our Members Say

Winning the CMC Scholarship … has opened many doors and led to even bigger dreams. While I can’t expect the CMC to do anything about my budget, the courses and seminars I’ve attended compliments of the CMC Scholarship have made my goals more attainable.

Kate MacDougall 1996 CMC Scholarship recipient, now Consumer Marketing Manager, Flare Magazine

I am grateful to the CMC for helping me get to the Stanford Professional Publishing Course. I encourage others to get there if possible. I also encourage people to apply for the CMC Scholarship. Take advantage of this excellent career development opportunity.

Wayne Leek 1998 CMC Scholarship recipient, now at LCBO Food & Drink Magazine

I am very grateful to the CMC and its 5 sponsors. Winning the CMC Scholarship in 2005 enabled me to travel with Stanford University to China – a country where there is so much potential and opportunity. On the trip, I met incredible publishers from all over the world and I continue to build on those relationships today. I have built a foundation and opened doors that will last a lifetime. I hope to one day share this knowledge with other circulators and secondly – apply what I have learned in my day to day duties.

Tuppy Blair 2005 CMC Scholarship recipient, now Circulation Director at Rogers Publishing

Being awarded the CMC Scholarship enabled me to attend the Circulation Management Conference in Chicago at a time when the idea of ‘Circulator’ was evolving into ‘Audience Developer’. It was a valuable experience to meet and listen to seasoned magazine professionals discuss the changes, challenges and opportunities in our industry. I am thankful to the CMC and strongly encourage others to apply

Zenalyn Habito 2006 CMC Scholarship recipient, now at The Globe & Mail Newspaper

I have been a marketer for over 20 years, and I have benefited in my professional life from peers on the CMC board as well as from industry professionals at various CMC seminars and conferences over the years. As CMC’s 2010 Marketer of The Year, I felt honoured to be recognized by my peers for marketing knowledge and achievements obtained largely through the training and educational programs offered by the CMC. Your organization is truly an asset to our industry. Thank you, CMC.

Jennepher Hunter (2010 Marketer of the Year) Group Manager, Marketing & Subscription Sales, Business Information Group

As the 2010 Caren King Scholarship award winner, I feel privileged and honored to be given such a wonderful opportunity to expand on my skill set. I am looking forward to attending a direct marketing conference this summer, where I can not only participate in a great professional development event, but also have access to networking opportunities that I wouldn’t normally have. I am grateful to CMC for having such beneficial awards program for its members.

Sharlene Clarke (2010 Caren King Scholarship) Circulation Manager, actualmedia

When I was chosen to be the 2009 recipient of the Terri DeRose Memorial Award for Circulation Management, it played an important role in my life by allowing me to achieve my academic goals. I successfully completed the Magazine Publishing Certificate from Ryerson University thanks to the generous financial support of CMC and I strongly believe that I was given an opportunity. The award allowed me to take the dream of furthering my education and enhancing my publishing skills one step further. This award was the step that allowed me turn the possibility of a dream into reality.

Angela Walcott 2009 Terri DeRose Memorial Award for Circulation Management

Winning the Circulation Management Association of Canada Caren King Scholarship was an amazing boost for my circulation career. It helped me to get my job at Rotman: The Magazine of the Rotman School of Management where I’ve had the privilege of creating their circulation department. Using the scholarship I attended “Magazines Canada School for Circulation” which really helped me figure out direct mail and the circulation database software that would be appropriate for Rotman Magazine. Plus I took a Illustrator course at George Brown College which helped me design all of Rotman Magazine’s blowins and inbook ads myself. Additionally I used the scholarship money to purchase an ipod and have been using it to keep up on e-reading applications. I would recommend applying to anyone who asked – I really appreciate how the scholarship money helped my skills and career!

Kate Mills (2009 Scholarship Winner) Sales & Circulation Associate, Rotman Magazine

I have been a member of CMC since I joined the Consumer Marketing department of Rogers Publishing in 1988. The CMC has been a tremendous source of circulation knowledge specific to Canada, professional contacts and long-time friends. CMC has always delivered high quality seminars on everything from ABC rule changes to circulation source rankings. The CMC provides a valuable opportunity to meet and share ideas with circulators across Canada from small and large publications. The ACE and newsstand awards wonderfully showcase the circulation talent and excellence in this country. Winning the 2009 CMC Magazine Marketer of the Year award was an incredible privilege and honour for me. It was humbling to join the ranks of the many top circulators who have been recognized with this prestigious award. I am grateful to the CMC for their ongoing contribution to the Canadian Publishing Industry.

Sue Phillips (2009 Marketer of the Year) Rogers Publishing Limited

I felt very honoured to have been named CMC Marketer of the Year in 2007. Magazine consumer marketing is a rewarding, challenging and ever-changing business and those in our industry all play a vital role in bringing successful Canadian magazines to Canadian readers. Receiving this recognition from my peers in the industry was a truly special honour which I appreciated tremendously. As well, CMC’s on-going efforts in education and building community have an important positive impact within our industry.

Tracey McKinley (2007 Marketer of the Year) Rogers Publishing Ltd.

Winning the CMC award meant a lot to me because I had been associated with the CMC almost since it’s inception. It’s been such an important organization for Canadian circulation professionals to gather and share ideas. CMC has done a lot to further the professional standards of Canadian publishing and to win an award from this group was quite an honour. Anytime your are recognized by your peers it is especially gratifying.

Terry Sellwood (2006 Marketer of the Year) Cottage Life

At the time, I didn’t want to receive an award. It caught me by surprise and I wasn’t thinking that I’d done anything recently that merited that kind of recognition. But I enjoyed it immensely, even at that somewhat awkward moment. And I had a very vivid memory of how much I had enjoyed seeing industry people recognized in one way or another when I was newer to the business. I yearned to be one of those people about whom my peers would say, “Well done.” And that yearning was one of the things that motivated me. I thought it was terribly important that such recognition was possible, and I still do. Now I have the Marketer of the Year certificate on my office wall and I can’t suppress a smile whenever it catches my eye.

Greg Keilty 2005 Marketer of the Year

Being recognized as Magazine Marketer of the Year was one of the highlights of my publishing career. I’m extremely grateful to the CMC. The ACE AWARDS are an important pillar of the CMC. There are plenty of awards for editors and art directors, but few that recognize excellence in Consumer Marketing. It is extremely gratifying to be honoured and validated by your professional peer group.

Scott Bullock 2003 Marketer of the Year

Circulators are wired to appreciate the measured results of subscription offers, newsstand sales, and pretty much everything else we tackle in the course of connecting audiences with content offerings. However, for the industry to succeed we also need to be innovative and collaborative as well as analytical. I am very honored to be among those who have received the Marketer of the Year Award, which allows the industry to recognize new ideas, new approaches, new teamwork, new ambitions. I’ve been privileged to work with many terrific people over the years, and being recognized by the CMC community means a lot.

Michael Fox (2001 Marketer of the Year) Rogers Publishing Limited

The CMC Scholarship gave me the incredible opportunity to attend the Stanford Professional Publishing Course where I learned about all aspects of magazine publishing from experts around the world. Even though it was 20 years ago, having attended this course was invaluable when I launched International Architecture & Design magazine three years ago.

Eithne McCredie 1989 Scholarship Winner

The CMC Scholarship helped me get to the Stanford Publishing Workshop, a wonderful experience that exposed me to a world of publishing beyond just Toronto and Canada. It was an immersive experience that challenged me and gave me the insight that we, as publishers, face similar challenges wherever we are in the world. I’m forever grateful to the CMC for an opportunity that I wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise.

Wayne Leek (1998 Scholarship Winner) Project Management/Publisher FOOD & DRINK, Marketing & Customer Insights, LCBO

“With two degrees but limited practical experience, I stumbled into my first “real” job at a small publishing company. Quite literally, I was handed a box of unprocessed credit card orders and told my job was Circulation Manager. From there the “opportunities” popped up everywhere — things not being done or which could be done better — direct mail, renewals, upsell, cross-sell, accounting processes, analysis, etc. I did it all — wrote copy, designed direct mail, tested offers, licked stamps. At some point I realized I ought to get some help, a network to talk to, some formal education. I sought out the CMC and immediately applied for the scholarship. It still makes me smile remembering the day I won… I felt so lucky to have found a profession that I loved, to be recognized by my peers for my achievements as well as promise, and to be given this great opportunity, all within a year of graduating. Today I’m thrilled to have worked for some of Canada’s leading magazines including Toronto Life, Canadian Art, THIS magazine, Chatelaine, Today’s Parent, and FLARE. My role has changed and evolved as the industry has but I still practice the basic fundamentals I learned through the education I received by way of the CMC scholarship.”

Kate MacDougall (1996 Scholarship Winner) New Business Development - We, Rogers Publishing

Winning the CMC Scholarship award in 2000 was a great accomplishment for me. The publishing sector supported me as a supplier and winning the award allowed me to learn more so I could give back to my Clients and my colleagues. Of course, it was also a great opportunity for me as I used my scholarship to attend the Stanford Publishing Course in San Francisco! It’s always great to meet new people, especially from around the world!

Ines Morcillo 2000 Scholarship Winner

I was thrilled to receive the Caren King Scholarship in 2008. It was an honour to be recognized by my peers, and it gave me the opportunity to attend two of the top magazine conferences in North America. The contacts I made and the information I took away from these conferences continue to help with my marketing strategies.

Danielle Chartier (2008 Scholarship Winner) Circulation and Marketing Manager, Canada's History

“Winning the CMC scholarship was beneficial to me. It meant I was able to attend Circulation School, something my publisher couldn’t afford and, nine years later, I’m still using what I learned there. I’ve been working in small magazine offices outside of Toronto and the magazine industry, so the opportunity for professional development among others in my field was incredibly useful to me. CMC’s scholarship gave me that opportunity.”

Dinah Laprairie (2002 Scholarship Winner) Editor/Publisher, Open Minds Quarterly